Explained: What is the Chain Hanging from My Weber Grill?

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Ever noticed that inconspicuous chain dangling from your Weber grill? It's not just a random addition – it holds a purpose waiting to be unveiled. Understanding every element of your grill isn't just about mastering the art of cooking; it's about ensuring safety and unlocking a seamless grilling experience. Just as a conductor wields a baton to create harmonious music, grasping the intricacies of your grill lets you orchestrate culinary symphonies. So, let your curiosity guide you to explore every feature, for in doing so, you elevate your grilling prowess and embark on a journey of both flavors and safety.

Part 1: The Mysterious Chain on a Gas Grill: Unraveling its Purpose

The unassuming chain adorning your Weber grill is strategically located, often attached to the lid or body. Its placement is no accident – it's a deliberate feature designed to enhance your grilling experience in ways that might surprise you.

What is the Chain Hanging from My Weber Grill?

This chain is called the matchstick holder and is used to manually light the grill in case an issue should arise with the electronic igniter system. A matchstick holder for a Weber grill serves as a reliable backup ignition method in case of any issues with the electronic igniter system. This accessory provides a convenient and manual way to light your grill, ensuring that you can continue grilling even if the electronic ignition malfunctions or if you're in a situation where it's not functioning properly.

The matchstick holder is designed to securely hold a match or a wooden stick, allowing you to safely ignite the grill's burners or charcoal. It often comes with a long handle or a built-in mechanism to keep your hand at a safe distance from the flame while lighting. This feature is particularly useful to prevent accidental burns or injuries.

To use the matchstick holder, you simply light the match or wooden stick, insert it into the holder, and then place it near the burner or charcoal. Once the burners or charcoal catch fire, you can continue the grilling process as usual.

Having a matchstick holder as a backup ignition method adds an extra layer of reliability to your grilling experience. It ensures that you can start grilling without any interruptions, even if there are temporary issues with the electronic igniter system. It's a practical and essential accessory for those who want to be prepared for any situation while enjoying their Weber grill.


Other Features for Chains on Other Grills

This unpretentious chain serves another critical role: securing the grill lid when it's open. Imagine this scenario: you're tending to your sizzling steaks or succulent ribs, and a sudden gust of wind threatens to slam the lid shut. That's where the chain steps in as a guardian of safety.

When the lid is open, the chain prevents it from flipping backward unexpectedly. It acts as a steadfast barrier against wind gusts, accidental bumps, or any unforeseen forces that might disrupt your grilling process. This unassuming chain, therefore, stands as a silent sentinel, dedicated to your safety as you create culinary masterpieces.

In essence, the chain's purpose transcends its simple appearance. It ensures that your grilling moments are not only flavorsome but also secure. As you grill with the lid ajar, you can do so with the reassurance that your grill's chain is diligently working behind the scenes, keeping the lid in check and allowing you to focus on perfecting your grilling artistry.

Part 2: How to Use the Chain on a Weber Grill

Using the matchstick holder chain with a Weber grill is a straightforward process. The matchstick holder chain is designed to provide a convenient way to keep your matchstick holder within reach while grilling. Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Attach the Matchstick Holder: First, ensure that your matchstick holder is securely attached to the chain. Some matchstick holders come with a built-in loop or attachment point. If not, you may need to tie or clip the matchstick holder onto the chain.

Step 2: Secure the Chain: On your Weber grill, locate a suitable spot to secure the chain. This is often a hook, loop, or designated holder provided on the grill. The chain should be positioned in a way that allows easy access to the matchstick holder while keeping it away from the heat source.

Step 3: Hang the Chain: Hang the chain with the attached matchstick holder on the designated spot. Make sure it is positioned in a convenient location for you to grab the matchstick holder easily when needed.

Step 4: Lighting the Grill: When you need to manually light the grill using the matchstick holder, simply grab the holder from the chain. Light a match or wooden stick and insert it into the holder. Hold the lit matchstick near the burner or charcoal and ignite it to start the grilling process.

Safety Precautions: Remember to keep the matchstick holder chain away from the heat source while grilling to prevent any accidental burns. Also, ensure that the matchstick holder is securely attached to the chain to avoid any mishaps.

By using the matchstick holder chain, you'll have a convenient and accessible backup ignition method at your disposal in case the electronic igniter system of your Weber grill encounters any issues. This ensures that you can continue grilling without any interruptions and enjoy a seamless outdoor cooking experience.

Part 3: Important Tips about the Chain on a Weber Grill

The chain on the grill or matchstick holder can be used to light a Genesis, Genesis II, Genesis II LX, or Summit model. Make sure ALL burner control knobs are turned off and check by pushing control knobs in and turning them clockwise until they stop. If any of the burners fail to ignite within five seconds, stop, turn the burner control knob to OFF and wait five minutes to allow the gas to clear before you try again. Here are more

Proper Attachment: Ensure that the matchstick holder is securely attached to the chain. Double-check that the attachment point is strong and reliable to prevent any accidents or dropping of the matchstick holder.

Strategic Placement: Choose a suitable location on your Weber grill to hang the chain. Opt for a spot that is easily accessible to you but is also away from the heat source to avoid any accidental burns.

Chain Length: Adjust the length of the chain to your preference. Make sure it's long enough to allow you to comfortably grab the matchstick holder and reach the grill's burners or charcoal.

Accessibility: Keep the matchstick holder chain within arm's reach while grilling. This ensures that you can quickly and easily access the matchstick holder whenever you need to use it.

Practice Safety: Handle the matchstick holder and chain with care. Avoid touching the matchstick holder when it's hot, and always keep it away from the grill's flames and heat.

Regular Inspection: Periodically check the condition of the chain and attachment point. Over time, exposure to heat and weather conditions can weaken the chain or attachment. Replace any damaged components as needed.


In conclusion, the chain hanging from your Weber grill serves a valuable purpose in enhancing your grilling experience. This simple yet ingenious accessory is a matchstick holder chain, designed to provide a reliable backup ignition method in case of any issues with the electronic igniter system. Its presence offers a sense of preparedness, ensuring that you can continue grilling even if unexpected challenges arise.

The matchstick holder chain exemplifies the thoughtful design and attention to detail that Weber incorporates into its products. It allows you to easily store and access a matchstick holder, enabling manual ignition of burners or charcoal when needed. By following proper usage and safety tips, you can make the most of this convenient feature and ensure a seamless grilling session every time.


How does the matchstick holder chain work?

The matchstick holder chain allows you to securely attach a matchstick holder or similar ignition source to your grill. In case you need to manually light the burners or charcoal, you can easily retrieve the matchstick holder from the chain and use it to ignite the grill.

Is the matchstick holder chain important?

Yes, the matchstick holder chain is important for ensuring uninterrupted grilling sessions. It offers a reliable solution when your grill's electronic igniter is not functioning properly, giving you the peace of mind that you can still start the grill.

Can I remove the matchstick holder chain from my grill?

While you can remove the matchstick holder chain if desired, it's recommended to keep it attached to your grill. Having a backup ignition method readily available can prove invaluable in unexpected situations.

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