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Welcome to Fox Heights Pub and Grill!

While our physical restaurant is no longer operational, our passion for amazing cuisine and unique flavors continues to thrive. We are inviting you to embark on this digital journey with us as we transfer the heart and soul of our beloved restaurant into your kitchen.

Although FOX HEIGHTS is now a cherished memory, our dedication to sharing the secrets of our signature dishes remains stronger than ever. This platform is our way of keeping the spirit of the restaurant alive, sharing our favorite recipes and giving you insider tips perfected through years of culinary adventures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide and inspire you in your own kitchen, empowering you to recreate the magic of our dishes at home. Whether you are a seasoned culinary enthusiast or a beginner, our extensive collection of recipes, techniques, and grilling tips will elevate your cooking to new heights.

But this website is more than just a trove of recipes. It is a tribute to our loyal customers who supported us over the years, and our way of expressing gratitude and giving back by sharing the knowledge and expertise we have acquired on our culinary journey.

We believe in the power of great food to bring people together and aim to nurture a vibrant community of food lovers. We invite you to browse our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, and engage with us on social media. We welcome you to share your culinary experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow food enthusiasts.

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Even though we cannot serve you our signature steaks and ribs in our restaurant, our devotion to sharing the joy of meals remains unshakeable. We are thrilled to start this new chapter with you and build a digital space where food lovers can come together, learn, and celebrate the art of cooking.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to serving up inspiration, knowledge, and some mouth-watering goodness on this platform!


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